Creating a blog is not difficult, but making a blog with keywords that are the most sought after super bloggers. Creating a simple blog that does not cost or free. I think here is the registration blog, or have a blog. Here I will help you to start blogging, the way that I give is simple. What to do when have a blog is to create articles for your blog. Writing blog articles is something essential, and must be original not just copy and paste from other sites. Content / article for the blog is loading keywords from the blog and reader’s attention as well as useful. So here you have to make an article relating to the blog you make, do not make an article out of the keyword.

I demonstrated,
We have a blog Music Zone , then this article we have to make is related article about music, music, song, or the band and others. In order for that article that you create a strong content and rich in keywords, then, for articles by entering a keyword in the post.

As another example, we Have a blog on “Search Recipes“. So already we can imagine, here we will definitely make your articles related recipes.

As a note: If you insert an image or picture in the post then we should provide the image tag in the code or image tags are often called alt img tag. For the tutorial you can see HERE .

OK, so first of my tips and tricks. If you have questions or less clearly you can leave your comment. I am happy to answer them.

The simple way Start Blogging


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